Dear Endorsee.

Every endorsement counts. Let it be known.
Promote our Universal Declaration and ABC-Solution as widespread as possible, so to enable others to also endorse it and so to be part of the solution.

Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer-Paternoster
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* For validity of endorsement, please sign with your full name, your real name, together with your reachable e-mail address.


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M. Cassandra CrossUnited States
Morgan PlAttUnited States
Faith PetersonUnited states
Julie ColonUnited States
Caleb christensenUsa
Amber ChristensenUsa
Bethany HeadleyUsa
Kyle viCoryUnited states of america
BRianna BalduffUnited states of america
Paula KramerUSA
Frederick RhodesUSA
Greg HeidlebaughUnited States
Kimberly SkurkayUnited States
Andrew schatzUSA
David freemanUS
sierra coolUnited States
Robyn sturmUsa
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