Some Letters

Anzeige gegen die im gesamten Bundesgebiet in Privatwohnungen

04-10-2012 - Strafanzeige wegen Körperverletzung durch Zwangsbeschneidung nach 223 StGB
1935 Nürnberger Gesetze - 2012 Zwangsbeschneidung-Legalisierungs-Gesetz - Expose 1
About Intact Americas Failure in its Statement
A person who requires special information in order to know that MGM is wrong requires intensive psychiatric help
Circumcision is medically indicated on some males
Dear Barefoot Intactivist
Dear Fellow Intactivists March 7 2012
Dr. M.A. Docherty - British Columbia - Canada
Forced Circumcision is countered by first exposing the falseness of its supposed connection to legality
If the removal of a healthy body part from a child
IQ-TEST - Psychometric Examination of the factor that keeps adults from cognition of the fact that Forced Circumcision is OUTLAWED
It does not take more than a normal IQ for a normal person to KNOW NOT to inflict any preventable injury
It is the nature of my way of addressing problems to go to the cause and offer workable solutions
Land of the Child Mutilators
Letter from Nihal and Emad from the University of Cairo to the Austrian Government and ORF TV-Station
Letter to the Intactivist Movement - Re - Examine your Position
Male Genital Mutilation is countered by first exposing the falseness of its supposed connection to LEGALITY
My dears - HR 2400 is NULL and VOID
OH SCHANDE DEUTSCHLAND - Wiederholte Strafanzeige
Oh Schande Österreich - Wiederholte Anzeige gegen das Offizialdelikt der Genitalverstümmelung begangen an männlichen Kindern
Reprimand and Demand to the Intactivist Movement
Selfreflection of the Intactivist Movement
Shalom Dan
The infliction of non-accidental injury to a child of any age and gender
The juristic terminology defining routine infant circumcision
The US-Government finances Child Abuse
This is why correct information is paramount in order to stop the insanity of this Global Collective Holocaust
To say Circumcision is Medically Unnecessary is an undue generalization
True Yasser. True the wording of the UNCRC is as clear as clear can be
Violence against a Child is Not a Private Matter
WARNING - This Video may urge you to PUKE
We must consider the millions of children and adults who are being mutilated in these African countries
Whatever the motive of Clitorectomy or Foreskinectomy may be
Yes my dear Yasser the FGM-LAW is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Yes of course Llewellyn
You speak as if non-therapeutic circumcision of children were not outlawed
2012/Correction of fundamental failure in judgement - The Tasmanian Master Thesis is Misinformation
2012/Deceitful Fallacy is not only the prime cause of forced circumcision
2012/do we need to be taught NOT to stick the finger into ones own eye or into the eye of another person
2012/Empiric Evidence of the Operation Abraham Insanity
2012/if its not broke dont fix it
2012/In REVISION of the VALUE in this ACTIVITY
2012/IQ-TEST - Psychometric Examination of the factor that keeps adults from cognition of the fact that Forced Circumcision is already outlawed
2012/Let it be known
2012/Let us all support the eradication of HGM
2012/Llewellyns unprofessional probably this and that
2012/MGM is OUTLAWED as is FGM
1973/One is always born a HUMAN but never a jew or any other nonsense
2010/The Axis of Evil
2006/The National and International Law-Reality on the Child Abuse of Genital Mutilation of Male-Children
The True Value Of The Healthy Foreskin
june/04. 03.09 Anzeige per e-mail an die Grüne Partei Österreich
june/10.02.2009 - Religionsfreiheit ist kein Schutz für Kindverstümmler - Anzeige email an BK Faymann und andere
june/23. 02. 20009 Anzeige per e-mail an Polizeipräsident Mag. Dr. Gerhard Pürstl
Anzeige 16.08.2010 an Katharina Swoboda - Büro Justizministerin Bandion-Ortner
Anzeige 17. 08. 2010 an Susanne Gaugl - Büro Bundespresident Heinz Fischer
Anzeige an den Kinderschutz Tirol - Die Würde der Menschhait ist unteilbar
Anzeige and Justizministerin Bandion-Ortner - Aufforderung zur GESETZ-ERFÜLLUNGS-PFLICHT
Anzeige an Dr. Herbert Forster - Büro Landeshauptmann Platter - Tirol
Anzeige and Van der Bellen - Die Grünen - Österreich.
Anzeige an Elisabeth Simmel - Büro Innenministerin Fekter
Anzeige an Helfried Carl - Büro NR Präsidentin Dr. Prammer
Anzeige an Martin Idler - Juristenzeitung - Deutschland
Anzeige an Polizei-Oberst Martin Kirchler-Innsbruck
Anzeige an SPÖ-DIREKT-BÜRO _ Bundeskanzler Faymann
Korruptionsanwaltschaft Wien - Re - StA Wallenschewski
Offizielle Bankrotterklärung der österreichischen Bundes- und Landesregierung
Travestie der Rechtsstaatlichkeit
Travestie der Rechtsstaatlichkeit Anzeige an Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer
Travestie der Rechtsstaatlichkeit Anzeige an NR Petra Bayr
Travestie der Rechtsstaatlichkeit Anzeige an NR Pilz und Kohl
Wiederholte Anzeige an AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AUSTRIA Michaela Klement u. Heinz Patzelt
2004 - Wiederholte Anzeige an Bundeskanzler Wolfgang Schüssel
Wiederholte Anzeige an den FEIGLING Nationalratsabgeordnter H. C. STRACHE
Wiederholte Anzeige an die österreichische Regierung _ Eines ist auch mit mir nicht diskutabel
Wiederholte Anzeige an Innenminister Günther Platter
Wiederholte Anzeige an LA Gerald Hauser 16.08.2010

Some Universal Lecture

Universal Lecture on Liberal Democratic Right State Rights and Obligations
Universal Lecture on the Axis of Evil - Harvesting Foreskins
Universal Lecture on the Child Abuse of Non-therapeutic Circumcision of Children - - Clarification of Intactivist Organisations FALSE Statements
Universal Lecture on the Collective Madness of Routine Child Circumcision caused by Deceitful Fallacy
Universal Lecture on the Devils Advocates Intention to give Wrong Information about the Global Collective Chid Abuse
Universal Lecture on the Illegality and Fallacy of Collective Child Circumcision
Universal Lecture on the Misleading - Oxymoronic - Self-Contradicting Information on Forced Circumcision
Universal Lecture on There is no Greater Proof than the Evidence of the Thing
Universal Lecture to End Child Genital Mutilation
Universal Lecture to how it is possible that the FGM-LAW was enacted in despite of its contempt of valid rule of law
Universal Letter to the Intactivist Movement - Dear Fellow Intactivist - Stop Routine Circumcision - Group

The "circumcision prevents HIV" Fallacy

The "make your informed decision" Fallacy
Universal Letter to the Intactivist Movement - Dear Fellow Intactivist - NO RIGHT NO CHOICE