P H Y S I C A L   C H I L D   A B U S E






 We know what Child Abuse is in psychological, physical, emotional and legal terms.

We know: Child Abuse is classified as the general mishandling and wrongdoing with regard to a child or an individual considered being a minor. Child Abuse can range from neglect to aggravated assault of a child. Child Abuse can be psychological, physical, emotional, and sexual in nature. It can mirror any type of abuse directed at an adult, yet due to the nature of the age(s) of the victim(s), punishment for convicted child abusers are typically severe.

We know: infliction of non-accidental injury to a child of any age and gender = Physical Child Abuse.

We know: Forced Child Circumcision = infliction of non-accidental injury to a child = Physical Child Abuse.

Child Abuse = is a Criminal Offense that involves the physical, emotional, or sexual mistreatment of or Infliction of Non-Accidental injury to a child committed by a parent or another party if responsible for the child’s welfare or not, either purposefully, or due to neglect.

Child abuse is defined by Liberal Democratic Right State Laws and is also defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; in particular in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

E.g.: In the USA: Although State laws vary, the Federal Child Abuse prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires that States incorporate a minimum set of acts or behaviors into their juristic definitions of child abuse and neglect.


The CAPTA definition of "child abuse and neglect" refers to: "Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker or any other person, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm".


We know every adult citizen in any democratic right state law society has the legal obligation to report any form of Child Abuse upon knowledge or suspicion of such an act to the state-authority.

We know it is a violation of law to not report Child Abuse to the state-authority.

We know the Child Mutilators and the General Public and even the State-Authority is acting as if this >Infliction of Non-Accidental Injury to the Male-Child’s Genital< were a state secured right.

We know if we report >Forced Male Child Circumcision< to the authority, that the authority - due to the dire fact that also the authority sees this act as “legal-act” - refuses to enforce the current law which has also this >infliction of preventable injury done to any child of any age and gender< outlawed.

We know not to be impressed by the child-mutilators claim and the public´s and authority´s Complicity in this FALLACY in thinking that what is done to the child were a state guaranteed right to >inflict non-therapeutic foreskinectomy<, and in this to >violate the state guaranteed right of the child of equal protection< from any >infliction of non-accidental injury and other harm<.

We know the Principle of Liberal Democracy and the Concept of Right State Law obligates the Authority to act upon knowledge or suspicion of any form of Child Abuse no matter of the Abusers Motive.

We DEMAND from STATE-AUTHORITY to ENFORCE the LAW on Forced Circumcision.

We know such DEMAND for LAW-ENFORCEMENT has been filed to Democratic Right State Law Authorities in several countries since decades ago by Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer. e.g.: Universal Lecture to End Child Genital Mutilation

We know in experience and limited result of this >Global One Person Intactivism<, that a >Global Cooperative Law Enforcement Demand< is required to >End Forced Circumcision<.

We know of the effort of International Symposia on Genital Integrity, which have in the 1st and 4th Symposium produced the The Universal Declaration on Circumcision, Excision, and Incision as well as the The Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we know that these Symposia were based upon and expressed in the tenure of “request” and “petition” for “legislation” of a law to End this Global Collective Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision. We know that these “petitions” for “legislation” were based upon the general misconception caused by the deceitful fallacy that the obvious Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision were not already outlawed by the Principe of Liberal Democracy and its fundamental Concept of Right State Law; and so acting law-contradictive: so as if “legislation of such a law” were required.

We know of the International Community’s Ignorance of these Symposia’s Efforts.

We know of the existence of thousands of adults engaged in Global Intactivism who all are active in one way or another in different countries and in different groups around the Globe to End Forced Male and Female Circumcision and Sexual-Denomination Mutilation on Intersex Children.

We know also these Humans - which all in all oppose what is being done to the child and see in what is being done to the child an illegal act - act due to having also fallen prey to the Pro-Circ- Insanity’s Fallacy as if this obvious Child Abuse were “legalized by current law" and call for a “special-law” to outlaw this obviously already outlawed act of >infliction of forced circumcision<.

We know Global Intactivist Groups have been fully informed by Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer about the Current Liberal Democratic Right State Law Reality which has MGM outlawed the same as FGM and any other >infliction of non-accidental injury to any child of any age and gender< and that all these groups were called upon to distance themselves from the DECEITFUL FALLACY that >infliction of forced circumcision of children< were a “state guaranteed right of choice for parents, doctors, religion and tradition to do”.

We sincerely honor the work of every single intactivist and all the groups which have grown into the Global Intactivist Community. Who would speak for the protection of Humanity’s Childhood from the Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision, if not intactivists around the globe!

We sincerely hope the Global Intactivist Movement comes to finally distance itself from its misconception of “MGM were at this moment a legal right of choice”, and in consequence of now knowing the empiric facts of current right state law, to endorse our Universal Declaration of Demand.

We created the Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity to enable Global Cooperative Right State Law Action. 

We inform all Intactivists about the Symposium’s Existence and Cooperative Meaning and encourage everyone to participate in our Global Cooperate One Voice Children´s / Human Right´s Defense Advocacy based on current Liberal Democratic Right State Law to End this Child Abuse.

The Symposium’s Significance is in its Global Demand for Law Enforcement on Forced Circumcision.

Our scientific conference is focused on Ending MGM by way of Current Liberal Democratic Right State Law and acts therefore beyond the call for “legislation“ and “research” and “discussions” and “compromise”.

We know all about this Global Collective Routine Child Genital Mutilation, as ample information has been available since many years. Further “discussions” / “research” is not required.

The Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity’s Official Statement and its Universal Declaration of Demand is first submitted to its members for endorsement and after completion of the Inner-Simposium Endorsement Process will be published for Public-Endorsement.

Since it is a Virtual Symposium enabling Members around the Globe to participate via the Internet, all Members are called upon to submit their endorsement within 7 days after notification and to invite others to do so as widespread as possible from thereon.

The SYMPOSIUM´S OFFICIAL STATEMENT and Universal Declaration of Demand is directed to Democratic Right State Law Authorities as well as to other Governments / to Presidents / to Attorney Generals / to Police / to Political Parties and is published globally also to the attention of the General Public; Child Protection Agencies, NGO´s, Nobel Peace Price Laureates and other Personalities as well as to TV and Print Media.

The SYMPOSIUM´S DEMAND will also be forwarded to the Secretary General of the United Nations, The International Court of Justice and to Amnesty International, in Demand for their Right State Legal Action, which affirms that Forced Circumcision on any Person of any Age and Gender Violates the Principe of Liberal Democracy and its Concept of Right State Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which are stated in the Main-Menue >Value of Democracy<:

 Universal Lecture on the

Principe of Liberal Democracy and its Concept of Right State Law

as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which state: “No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” (Articles 2 and 37, respectively), and other Articles of these international treaties, which are stated within this text under Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Yes, we know the current Right State Law and its Enforcement is the Key to End MGM.

Yes, we know that it is every adult-citizens LEGAL DUTY to REPORT any CHILD ABUSE!


In fact we do exactly the same legal action in fulfilment of our adult-citizen responsibility, as we would do in case of having knowledge of Forced Circumcision being done to any male- or female-adult without the adults consent and if it is done to a female child.

Every Person of every age and gender has the fundamental right for equal protection.

that is why we are doing what we are determined to do and no fallacy will stop us.

Liberal Democratic Right State Law is based upon Ius respicit aequitatem ~ The right of equal protection.